The Future of Work seems to be all that anyone is talking about. The questions, worries, and theories are endless.

Do I need to train my employees more? Are flexible working hours wise or unwise? What benefits are employees looking for? Should I have a team of full-timers or freelancers? Are my skills becoming obsolete? What are the latest tech tools that I need? Will I even have a job in 5 years time? 

Some analysts say that the fear that machines, robots, and technology will render humans obsolete is unfounded. They point to the early 1920s and 1950s where factories started using machines rather than workers to complete certain tasks. The move caused massive panic as it was expected to eventually lead to massive unemployment. However, that was not the result seen. Jobs simply evolved and there was growth in office-based work which made up for the decline in factory roles. In short, the theory is that jobs will not disappear but simply adapt to the new order of things. This will mean that there will still be employment opportunities for humans.

The counter argument is that the trends we see today are not like before. The existence of inventions and success of self-driving cars and intelligent personal assistants such as Google Home shows that technological advancements are happening at a level never witnessed in times past. It is at a level that is unlike any time frame before and there is a real chance that a vast number of jobs will in fact vanish.

Which side has the right prediction about the future of work? It seems like only time will tell.

The discussion and predictions about what work will look like in the future seems set to continue for a long time to come. One thing that is certain?  Technological tools that help increase productivity are needed. The whole reason for the rise of technology, robots, and machine learning afterall is to help increase productivity and thus profits. We’re glad we here at 5QLive get to work on building a tech tool to help make organisations more productive and successful.

While the world figures out whether robots will take over or if jobs for humans will simply evolve, we here at 5QLive are happy to offer you a happy medium with our product offering of recruiting fast via our online platform and tools, yet staying true to the need for human touch by ensuring you and your team are able to judge potential candidates easily yourselves rather than leaving it to filters and computer software which may miss out on a gem of a candidate.

Despite the varied predictions about the future, having the right people on your team to navigate the future of work is definitely pivotal at this juncture. It is probably best to be more cautious and not outsource your recruitment to a computer, software*, or robot too soon. It seems… for now at least… that the human touch in recruiting still has much worth.

* 5QLive is a tool and not a software by the way. We seek to help, not eliminate, hiring managers and recruiters.

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