Our Story

5QLive was created to help make hiring easier for both employers and candidates.
Every member of our team has experienced the challenges of finding, and applying for a job as well as hiring new applicants. We truly empathise with these challenges.

5QLive helps both companies and individuals get more out of the job-hunting process as well as reduce the stress involved.

Our video interviewing platform makes hiring and job-hunting easier, faster, and fairer. Get started using 5QLive today and experience all the benefits for yourself.

Meet The Team


Andrew came up with the idea of 5QLive after spending more than 25 years as a recruiter. He saw for himself the challenges that came with trying to identify and recruit the best talent. 5QLive (and our sister company GradGreenhouse) are online solutions that help employers and candidates find one another more easily and make smarter hiring decisions. Landing candidates their dream job and building high performing teams for clients are the drivers which have defined Andrew’s career. These online solutions bring these successes to as wide an audience as possible.

Head of Technology

Utkarsh has over 8 years of experience in software development. With a Master’s degree in business from Singapore Management University and Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering, he understands the business world and converts business ideas into working technology. He has worked on large software projects from business requirements to deployment stage.

Relationship Manager

Charlotte is a graduate, with an MA in History and a BA in Modern History and Politics, originally from the UK who travelled to Asia to pursue a meaningful career. After graduation, Charlotte faced the common challenge of employers not taking notice of the resumes she submitted. It was through a one-way video interview that she demonstrated her determination and enthusiasm and landed herself an integral role at 5QLive.

Relationship Manager

Daniela graduated with a law degree from Brazil but made a career switch to business when she moved to Asia. She enjoys taking time to really understand the needs of customers and quickly formulating ideas to serve them better. It is that winning combination that has seen her help clients achieve their goals.

Letter From The Founder

Dear Hiring Managers,

Welcome to 5QLive

Our single aim is to help you achieve your hiring goals in the fastest, most personalized and easiest way possible. Simply put we want you to have the most enjoyable, efficient and rewarding recruitment experience.


Part of this solution is making the platform fit your unique requirements, putting you in the driving seat. Choosing your own questions, with unique time limits, enables you to evaluate candidates quickly, and accurately without bias. Choosing your own criteria for rating candidates means you define the values and skills most appropriate for your organization.


As experienced Hiring Managers know, recognising the right type of candidate can take as little as 10 seconds from the first “hello”, but too often we find ourselves “going through the motions” in a face-to-face interview with a clearly unsuitable candidate, wasting both our time and theirs. This frustration is compounded when hiring on a large scale. Enormous amounts of your recruitment team’s time and energy are squandered. 5QLive squarely solves this problem.


One consistent complaint from candidates is that they never get a chance to express and demonstrate their skill-set, suitability, and eagerness to work for you. We believe every candidate should have an opportunity to shine whatever their age, gender, disability, ethnicity or race. Sometimes the most qualified candidate on paper is not the best hire. Qualities like ambition, congeniality, determination, and commitment are impossible to gauge on a black-and-white CV or resume. By showcasing a candidate’s presentation skills, 5QLive enables you to assess their suitability for your company more easily.

5QLive also helps with diversity hiring.


Too often, the time-frame for a hire is restricted due to scheduling issues, or retrieving and sorting through feedback, which can result in losing the best talent to a competitor. 5QLive’s instant ratings, benchmarking according to multiple criteria, and easy sorting of your team’s evaluations, help you identify your ideal candidates faster. Our instant-messaging function gives you immediate access to the applicant and increases your chances of securing your first-choice candidate.

Candidates love instant feedback, and 5QLive addresses their #1 complaint about the hiring process.


5Qlive works however you need it to. From “First Round” to “Final Round” interviews, from employee feedback to customer reviews, whether at home or at the office, from academic admissions to artist auditions, how you use 5QLive is simply your choice. For example, create a question in a different language to test the candidate’s linguistic capabilities, or design a problem to solve for a more accurate evaluation of the candidate’s mindset. Ultimately it’s always your audience, your questions, your answers, and your assessment.


5QLive is committed to making the world a better place and each year we donate 10% of our profits to charities of our customers choosing. Whether it’s a major large global initiative or a deserving local charity, we invite you – as our customer – to share our commitment to helping the wider community. This is the spirit of 5QLive and is at the heart of our mission.


Thank you for trusting us to support you in your recruitment efforts. We hope you love the 5QLive experience, as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Yours Faithfully


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