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How To Handle A Written Assessment With 5QLive

Candidates – How To Handle A Written Assessment With 5QLive 5QLive empowers companies to screen candidates using a range of methods, including one-way video interviewing and written assessments. It is important to ensure you complete all parts of your assessment for...

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5QLive – What, Who, Why and How?

What is 5QLive? 5QLive is a video interviewing platform which enables quick and accurate candidate screening through one way and live video interviewing. Who is 5QLive for? 5QLive is suitable for anyone with interviewing requirements: hiring managers, recruiters,...

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A New Way To Evaluate Candidates: Written Assessments.

A new way to evaluate candidates: written assessments. At 5QLive we constantly evolving our services and creating new ways to help our clients find their perfect candidates using less time, energy and resources. Our latest feature provides employers with an additional...

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How To Prepare For A One-Way Video Interview

Congratulations on being invited to interview. You might not have taken part in a one-way video interview before so here is a quick guide to ensure you have everything you need to ace the interview. What is 5QLive and why am I making videos? 5QLive is a one-way...

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Why Helper Agencies Should Use Video Interviews

Helper agencies face a complex challenge of matching employers and helpers. Two crucial factors which can determine the rate of success: matching expectations and matching personalities. The process of matching is not easy but is vital for both the...

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How To Make A Successful Video Profile

There are a few simple rules for making an effective video: prepare, be precise and practise. Before you start, consider how you will be using the Video Profile and who its audience will be. Will it be a general introduction with a link to your CV posted on your...

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