We live in a time where society seems more socially-conscious than ever before. We see movements calling out injustices and pushing for equality and we see a new generation of workers expressing a preference to work for companies that are committed to values and ethics.

Not only is being inclusive in your interviewing and hiring processes the “in thing” to do… it is also the right thing.

Interviewing and hiring fairly has proven to be beneficial financially as well. Studies from McKinsey & Co. show companies with a good mix of men and women, various ethnicities, and different age groups have a higher chance of excelling. Studies have also found that a diverse talent pool helps businesses understand their diverse customer base better and thus helps bring in more profits.

At 5QLive we want to help make recruiting and job-hunting better as well as fairer. Here’s three ways we can help you interview better, hire better, and be better.

Video Helps You Evaluate A Candidate More Comprehensively

Paper CVs fail to truly reflect all that a potential candidate can bring to the job. Video however is able to pick up on a candidate’s presentation skills as well as their passion and enthusiasm. Your company could also set some assessments/technical questions to evaluate if the candidate possesses skill sets deemed imperative to succeed in the role your organisation is looking to hire for. This helps your company give candidates a fair shot at interviewing to be part of your organisation as it focuses on objectively evaluating how capable and motivated they are– two of the most important criteria to look out for when hiring talent as pointed out by LinkedIn. It is fairer to judge candidates based on these two criterias primarily rather than first impressions or “brand name” schools, internships, and connections.

Our Platform Allows For Easy Team Deliberation And Evaluation of Candidates

A great way to help ensure your team hires fairly is by having a panel of interviewers. This can be hard to execute at times as it requires a lot of scheduling. 5QLive can help with this as our web platform enables for your company to set questions, have candidates reply to those questions via video, and then allow you and your team to easily view this video interview at a time of your convenience. Team members can then rate and comment on these interviews as well as easily view one another’s comments and ratings. We also have a function that only allows for team members to view other team mates’ comments once they themselves have provided theirs to prevent bias/groupthink. In addition to that, the 5QLive platform also collates and calculates all team member’s imputed ratings making analysing ratings easier for you too.

We Use Tech To Make It Easy For You To Give Candidates A Real Shot

While many recruitment technology platforms and human resource professionals have relied on filters, key word searches, and Artificial Intelligence to speed up the process of recruiting, we have been more cautious with it. We instead have tried to allow features like fast forwarding in our video interviews and setting time limits for videos but have refrained from using Artificial Intelligence as it has still been reported to reinforce biases. You will find that our platform is easy to use and watching one-way video interviews of passionate candidates can be more interesting than pouring over stacks of CVs or simply missing out on a gem of a candidate because filters or machines did not feel this candidate used the right “buzzwords”. 5QLive basically makes recruiting faster yet still effective and fair. We’re keeping the heart of interviewing still intact while using technology to make everything more efficient. We want to still give people a chance to express their capabilities and interests before letting just mere words on a paper define their future.

Try 5Qlive for yourself today and use tech to help make recruiting faster yet… still human.

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