Welcome to 5QLive’s Industry Experts.

We are asking successful professionals to share their knowledge, experiences, and advice for job seekers as part of our ‘Paying It Forward’ campaign. We pay it forward to a select group of charities who will receive annual donations from 5QLive.

On behalf of our partner charities, thank you for your generosity in sharing your expertise.

Industry Expert videos will be added to our library and join leading voices from different professions all over the world.

Below are the first videos in our library, we are releasing more videos each week and hope to see your submission among them.

industry-experts-with-5qlive-automated-interviewing video technology

How It Works


Step 1 – Register

You will be asked to share your name and title which will appear at the bottom of your video recording, and then you have the option to select our suggested questions or write your own.

Step 2 – Log In and Set Up

When you register and log in, you will be directed to the Industry Experts introductory page which has a tutorial on how to complete your video and built-in Setup functions to check your hardware.

Step 3 – Record

You can record your answers multiple times, before sending your preferred recording to us. Once you have completed your recording, your video will automatically be sent to the 5QLive Team and we will edit the recording before sending it back to you for final approval. Your recording will then be displayed in our Industry Experts Library.

As an Industry Expert, you can choose to answer our five suggested questions, or you can address any topic of your choice by writing your own questions. We welcome people of all industries and backgrounds to help contribute and give you the freedom to say whatever you wish as long as it gives value to the job seekers watching.

Our current five questions are:

  1. Introduction – Who are you, what do you do and how did your career begin?
  2. Hiring – Which qualities do you look for when you hire?
  3. Industry Changes – What changes are happening in your industry?
  4. Advice to Job Seekers – What advice would you share with job seekers?
  5. Passion – What do you love about your job?

Simply click on the button below to get started.

Thank you.

Paying It Forward


Central to 5QLive’s values is our dedication to helping those in need. In combination with our Industry Experts program, we partner with two charities focused on children to give the next generation the best start.

We donate a portion of our profits to our partnered charities chosen by our users.

5qlive video interviewing charity partner paying it forward with 5qlive
5qlive video interviewing charity partner paying it forward with 5qlive
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