Congratulations on being invited to interview. You might not have taken part in a one-way video interview before so here is a quick guide to ensure you have everything you need to ace the interview.

What is 5QLive and why am I making videos?

5QLive is a one-way interview platform, this means that you record answers to a set of interview questions at a time which suits you within the deadline.

What should I do to prepare?
A video interview requires the same preparation as an in-person interview:

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Research the company, the position, and the industry you are applying to.
  • Rehearse some questions and some answers to typical interview questions you would expect to be asked.

However, there are some crucial differences:

  • You need to set up your camera and audio using the built-in set up which you will find when you log into the platform.
  • Check your lighting and make sure your face is visible.
  • Have a clear background and make sure there are no distractions or interruptions.

A video interview is your opportunity to showcase your unique knowledge, skills and passions so you can pitch yourself as the best person for the job. Just like when writing a cover letter, consider what makes you a strong candidate and why you should be hired.

The interview can be recorded from any device with a camera and if you do use a hand-held device make sure it is placed on a surface to prevent movement while you are recording.

What to expect

Follow the link and enter your unique code. This will lead you to the dashboard where you can view details of the job posting. Use the setup tool to check your audio settings and that the camera is working and is clear.

When you are ready, begin the interview. When you press start, a question will load and a countdown will begin. Read the question and prepare to give your answer once the countdown has finished.

How to succeed

Check the time
Each question has a personalised time limit. If you are asked to summarise your experience in one minute, one minute is all you will get. Do not get caught up and run out of time. Use the time limits to gauge the depth of information the interviewer is looking for.

Start strong
Although videos give you a much better way of expressing yourself you must take advantage of this opportunity. If your first 30 seconds provide no “hook”, you might get overlooked.

Read the question carefully
Simple as it may be, there would be nothing worse than to get to the end of the time limit to discover you hadn’t even answered the question.

Don’t be afraid to breathe
Rather than erring or mumbling, take a deep breath and pause to consider your next sentence. The interviewer knows you haven’t had time to prepare formal monologues so don’t think that a few seconds of thought will lose you the job. If you are out of things to say, move onto the next question.

Smile and maintain eye contact
Even though it may feel strange and unnatural it is recommended to keep your interviewer engaged.

Finally, relax, be yourself and appreciate the opportunity to talk about how amazing you are, and your happiness and personality will shine through in your video to land you the job you deserve.

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Step 1

You will have received an email invitation which contains:

  • The link to log in
  • Your unique code

Step 2

Click on the link and enter your code

Step 3

You are now logged in to 5QLive.

This page will give you further details on your interview:

  • The maximum time required to complete the interview
  • The number of questions in the interview
  • The number of attempts you will have to answer

Step 4

Select the Set Up button to test your hardware and to familiarise yourself with the layout of the platform. Go through each stage of the Set Up before you begin your interview.

The Set Up can be done on any device and as many times as required.

Step 5

When you are ready and have completed the Set-Up, select Start Interview to begin recording your one way video interview.

Please note that when you start the interview you cannot exit and renter the interview. Do not refresh the browser.

Step 6

For each question you will have a count down to read the question and prepare to answer.

Speak directly into your camera and answer the questions. Select the next question button in the bottom right-hand corner to proceed to the next question until you have answered each question and finish the interview.

Step 7

Your video will then automatically upload.

Do not exit this page.

Step 8

When your video has finished uploading you will see this screen.

You then have to option to leave feedback for the interviewer.

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