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Video Interviewing Designed Especially For Recruiters

Increase your number of placements and strengthen your client relationships

Designed For Recruiters

As a recruitment company you screen thousands of candidates looking to present the best shortlist to your clients.  5QLive Recruiter helps you with the heavy lifting whilst increasing the efficiency and accuracy of introductions, resulting in more placements, guaranteed. It’s that simple.

Video interviewing for recruiters

How It Works

Set the questions that candidates need to answer and then simply invite them to record a one-way video interview.

Review the videos as they are submitted, highlight and send only the best fits to your clients and their stakeholders who can then review and instantly send real-time feedback.

Why Use 5QLive Recruiter?

  • The only video interviewing platform built especially for recruiters.
  • Reduce the time, energy and resources spent screening candidates and close deals faster.
  • Elevate your client offering by including secure technology solutions into the recruitment process and get their feedback and candidate buy-in faster.
  • Reduce scheduling hassles for everyone: for you, your candidates and your clients. 5QLive is completely mobile and works on all devices.
  • Rapid identification of preferred candidates means you and your clients only focus on the prefered fits and close faster.
5QLive Recruiter Video interviewing

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