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If you want to increase the number of matches you make and improve your customers and helpers experience while saving time and money, 5QLive’s one-way interviewing is designed for you.


Make finding the right helper simple and easy. Access your preferred choices anywhere, at any time, 5QLive helps you identify the best helpers remotely. You can identify the best helpers from home. No more needless interviews repeating the same questions, saving you enormous amounts of time.


Looking for a new way to find an employer? Create a Video Profile to help employers get to know the real you. Be more than bio-data and find a new employer faster.

For Agencies

Make matching helpers and clients simple

5QLive makes matching employers to the right helpers simple and easy with one-way video interviewing. Revolutionise your business and increase your number of placements. Enable your customers to save time and energy with instant identification.

Offer your helpers the freedom to interview remotely at their convenience, and to demonstrate their skills and passions. It is easy to use – no apps to download or software. Helpers simply follow the link to record their interviews.

hire a helper and find a maid with video interview
maid and helper hiring through video interview

For Employers

Find the best helper for you and your family, fast

Nothing is more important than finding the right helper you trust in your home and with your family. The process of finding a helper can be laborious with hours spent interviewing candidates, repeating the same questions because biodata just doesn’t give you enough information to screen candidates effectively.

One-way interviews give you the power to screen your candidates quickly and seamlessly. Upgrade to the Premium plan and use the Open Invitation to welcome anyone to interview, casting your net wide to ensure you find the perfect person.

For Helpers

Find a new employer faster by showing them the real you

Find an employer faster by creating a video profile and give yourself the chance to shine. Biodata does not show employers your personality, your goals or why they should hire you.

Create a video profile and interview yourself. Send it directly to employers, agencies and post on social media. You can do it from your mobile phone.

helper video interview and video profiles


We only hire directly from Indonesia and previously we relied on real-time online interviews. It was difficult to make arrangements between the helper and employer and we needed a way to improve this service and help us grow as a company. We are now making more matches than ever before and our feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Wu Chang T.

Agency Owner


We spent 5 Sundays in a row at various agencies, interviewing for hours, without finding the right helper. We saw an ad about one- way interviewing and decided to give it a try. We are so glad we did as we interviewed 30+ helpers from home in no time at all. This helped us find 3 likely candidates who we then interviewed in person. It was a real time saver and so much better than normal agency profiles. If we need to hire in the future, we will certainly be using one-way interviews again.

Lewis N.

Employer of a helper


We found video interviewing really worked for us. The whole family were able to review, including Grandma in London, and we didn’t have to drag our whole family to the office every Sunday.

Jamie L.

Employer of a Helper

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