In a candidate driven job market companies must be strategic in how they attract and source their candidates. They need to not only meet candidates’ expectations of the recruitment process, but exceed them.  Research has shown that Employer Branding is one of the strongest ways to attract employees. Effective branding is also valuable as it has the potential to reduce the cost of employee acquisition and increase retention.

When filling positions, employers need a high volume of qualified and eager candidates. To attract candidates, companies must deliver internal value, which is also known as Employee Value Proposition (EVP). EVP looks beyond what companies can offer and think about what candidates are seeking as well. This can include crucial elements such as offering real leadership opportunities, clear paths of progression, training and education to help them grow and a company that has a good reputation so it looks good on their CV. In addition to the type of environment they will be working in, the emphasis on the reward and recognition, how companies define success and employee satisfaction are elements potential employees consider.

So, how does any of this relate to video interviewing? At face value, 5QLive’s platform enables companies to extend their branding with company logos. Further customisable white labelling options can be provided as well. But the key lies in company interactions and how they use video interviewing, not just in physical design but in content and how this is communicated with candidates.

To start with, video interviewing offers candidates the opportunity to express themselves. Showing that as a company, you value their experiences and want them to explain not only their skills, but their unique qualities and future ambitions. This shows that the company wants to listen to what they want, their potential and what they want to learn rather than just what their CV says they can do. This demonstrates that the company values culture fit, not just years of relevant experience. This is important because many talented people often fear applying for jobs if they do not meet the exact requirements.

By expressing in detail what the company is looking for and focusing on a holistic approach (the right type of attitude and how you want to help them grow to fit your companies requirements) the quality of applicants will increase, and it will demonstrate that your brand as an employer is not about having only the right qualifications but the right attitude and mindset as well.

In addition, candidates want to be kept up to date with progress. This means keeping them in the loop at each stage. They also want to know outcomes quickly and not be left in the dark. This is crucial for the top talent as they are often vulnerable to be lost to rival companies. Video interviewing reduces the time spent on hiring by up to 70%  with video interviews, which will make the impression candidates have of your brand be that you are: fast, responsive, expressive and clear. When interviewing processes are long, complicated and ambiguous it creates a negative perception and reputation among jobseekers. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a good application and interviewing process.

It is important to express to candidates about the value they get from participating in a video interview. Their time is precious so rather than fitting interviews into their work day, your company is giving them the convenience of interviewing whenever it suits them. This shows that you really value your candidates time.

Finally, design the questions for the one-way interview to not only gather information but to express to the candidates what the company is looking for and what is valued. For example, if a company asks about what type of work environment they feel helps them to succeed, or about what new skills they want to learn then as an employer you are taking the candidates wishes into consideration too.

This will only be successful if it is authentic, the company must deliver on its promises. It is important to reflect on the core message of the company’s employer branding and in turn how this is communicated to the candidates through the interview process. Leveraging one-way video interviews as part of your employer branding strategy demonstrates innovative culture, human-based approach and the belief that time is valuable for your staff and candidates.

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