A new way to evaluate candidates: written assessments.

At 5QLive we constantly evolving our services and creating new ways to help our clients find their perfect candidates using less time, energy and resources. Our latest feature provides employers with an additional method to assess and screen candidates using 5QLive.

 What are written assessments with 5QLive?

When creating questions for your candidates to answer via a one-way video interview, you can choose to add questions which candidates answer by writing the answer directly onto the platform. These are called Essay Questions and they empower you to evaluate your candidate’s written communication skills.

How do they work?

You type at least one written question into the designated box. You can add as many written questions as you require and set how long each candidate will have to answer each question.

When candidates log in, they will see that they have two sections to their interview: the one-way video interview and the written assessment.

How do you prevent cheating with essay answers?

Candidates cannot copy and then paste any text into the answer boxes. The responses must be typed in freely. In addition, just like with one-way interviews, candidates cannot press back, or exit and re-enter the interview once they have started. This prevents them from looking up the answers and re-attempting the written assessment.

Is this part of my subscription?

The written assessments feature is included in all our subscription packages and if you are already a customer this feature has been added automatically.

Please note – although all 5QLive features are mobile friendly, we recommend all candidates respond to written assessments using a computer.

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