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The world of recruitment is dynamic and competitive, and having the ability to move quickly often makes all the difference in securing the best talent. One-way video interviews and written assessments give you the power to make informed evaluations with minimal resources for accurate identification of the top candidates.

No more scheduling face-to-face interviews with candidates who appear to meet your needs on paper, but who you instantly know are not the right fit when you meet them. Simply set up a one way interview and access all of your candidates instantly.

“It is a brilliant tool. It fast tracks and simplifies the tedious and time consuming process of screening potential candidates. 5QLive is easy to use and yet extremely powerful. We have thoroughly researched and tested other competitive products and believe that 5QLive Is best of breed and are delighted with the personalized attention we have received from Andrew, Charlotte and the team.”

Mark Furman, CEO

“5QLive helped Boostorder to streamline & scale our hiring process. As a tech start-up undergoing high growth, getting the right talent capital is one of our top priorities. By using 5QLive’s self-paced video interview system, we are able to screen and scale our hiring efficiently at a fraction of the cost compared to face to face screening.”

TK Chuah, CEO & Founder

“We would like to say thanks to you and your entire team from Cerium for the cooperation and providing us with the platform which had helped us in streamlining the entire process of recruitment. It has given us a whole new way of interviewing giving a leading edge as the usage of this innovative culture has a human-based approach as well as is time-efficient also.”

Rashmi Kumari, HR Manager

Efficient Team Recruitment 

Retrieving team member feedback can result in costly delays. 5QLive empowers you and your team to review, rate, comment and benchmark your candidates recorded videos rapidly with one-way video interviewing.

Team members can join live video interviews or view the one-way recordings and submit feedback seamlessly. 5QLive makes hiring decisions involving international teams and international candidates hassle free. 

Simplicity and Mobility

Desktop, tablet or smartphone, 5QLive supports you wherever you are.

Create questions, review recordings and message your preferred candidates anytime, anywhere.

Receive messages from candidates and your team’s evaluation in real-time, and maintain momentum seamlessly with one way and live video interviewing.


Accurate Hiring 

5QLive provides every employer with the opportunity to view and evaluate every applicant, with increased accuracy, using minimal time, effort and resources by using one-way video interviewing and live video interviewing. Black and white CVs or resumes simply do not give you the full picture of a candidate’s skill-set, suitability, motivations and ambitions. Create a second or third round using written assessments and live interviews for more in-depth evaluation and only focus on the most suitable candidates.

5QLive Recruiter

5QLive understands that Recruitment Agencies require a different video interviewing set up, so we have created the custom 5QLive Recruiter subscription specifically for you. As a recruitment company, you screen thousands of candidates looking to present the best shortlist to your clients.  5QLive Recruiter helps you increase your number of placements and strengthen your client relationships.


What Our Candidates Are Saying

Really good and this is my first time doing a one way video interview.

I think it’s a very smart system because its less time consuming than a usual face to face interview and there’s definitely less stress created and you feel more at ease answering.

This is my first time undergoing an interview through online submission and I must say it is a very enriching experience! I really enjoyed the process. Thank you for the experience! 🙂

Thank you for giving me this new experience in making this live interview.

The process for the interview is pretty much straightforward and I like how the company stated the questions clearly.

This is an innovative style of interview, I really loved and enjoyed this interview.

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